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- Plastic-bonded permanent magnets
- Manufactured by injection-molding
- Optional isotropic or anisotropic production
- Materials used: barium ferrite and strontium-ferrite (hard ferrites) with plastic binder
Rotor or Sensor applications:
Plastic-bonded permanent magnets offer a broad field of industry applications due to their characteristics.
- Wide choice of shapes     - Low dimensional tolerances     - Resistant to corrosion     - Resistant to cracking of edges
- Low magnetic tolerances    - Good magnetic homogeneity    - Long life stability     - Heat resistant up to approx. 125C
- Optional protection against inflammability
Further Advantages
- Shafts, bushes or similar parts can be injected in a single working process during production
- Centering shoulders, rotation locks, holding webs, bases, pinions etc. are already considered during the designing phase of the magnet thus contributing to an easier assembly and the reduction of costs
- Low specific weight         - Elastic features
optional magnetic pole configurations from sinusoidal to almost rectangular signal Uniformity of the magnetic signal e.g.:
-Low pole difference        - Exact pole pitch        - Extreme rise








Stability against external magnetic fields
Minimum polar distance with lateral field orientation
Optional press-in parts without gluing
High retention of e.g. 300 N for a shaft diameter of 2mm
Marking of part no. etc. during injection-molding process
No subsequent mechanical finishing