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This formula shows the field which is generated by distributing a rigid magnetization into an otherwise empty room. It can definitely be applied with many permanent magnets in case the amount and direction of the magnetization vector is known as well as its change with the location.The main task of our R & D is to develop fundamentally new magnetic systems, materials and processes, and to support customer projects up to serial production.
Distribution of Foucault currents inside a coil for the magnetization of rare earth magnets in the ascending range of the pulsed current. Coupling of the switching circuit of the pulse magnetizer with the FE-domain of the connected coil.

Calculated  distribution of the relative  permeability  inside
a TROMADUR Magnet .
This   is   based  on   the   analysis   of    the   appropriate
production  tool  followed  by  the  transfer  of the resulting
material parameters.