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  The entire process of engineering and tooling is aimed at maintaining the high customer standards set for performance and quality of our plastic-bonded permanent magnets during their entire useful life by state-of-the-art tooling technology on a long-lasting and economical basis.
Consultation on tool and application technology starts already during the design and development phase of the plastic-bonded permanent magnets.
Particular expertise was acquired in the field of permanent connections of magnets with axles and shafts over a broad temperature spectrum. This is clearly reflected by patented and well-established solutions of shaft-hub connections which have been in practical use for many years.
Our customers' specific requirements on new magnets are constructively converted by experienced designers in close cooperation and with the support of our German headquarter's Research & Development (computer-aided calculation of magnetic fields) and the Tool & Die Shop on the basis of 2D / 3D CAD systems and stipulated company standards.
Here, the main emphasis is put on injection-molding tools (two- and/or three-plate technology, cold/hot-runner technology, slide / screw-off molds).
When required, external service companies are enlisted due to their special know-how.